Of Monsters and Men

What is it that you want in your life?

Is it to be happy?

To be happy with yourself, you need to be satisfied with not what you have done, but with what you are doing.

What you have done is just that… It is done and gone. It has value to reflect upon to feel satisfied with it’s outcome or to use it to re-adjust your behavior so as to improve your satisfaction with the outcomes.

Did you harm others to gain your feelings of satisfaction? More important than that… did you enjoy harming others?

You have found the right place to study if you actually enjoyed seeing others suffer because you somehow got brainwashed into a self-defeating belief system.

If you don’t try to harm others and don’t seek to harm others, then you are of a higher level of spiritual awareness and can skip this section.

Now, for the people who do harm others in any way and/or enjoy it thinking about doing such things… you need to understand that you are creating your own situation of, first, thought atrocities. If you push those thoughts into action, then you are a stage worse by committing personal atrocities. You are likely a member of The Cult. If you are not a member of The Cult, then you have an easy fix because you don’t have fellow initiates and masters pushing/dragging you down that slippery slope of co-created atrocities against your true human nature.

If you don’t have a cult encouraging your enjoyment of hate and greed and self-righteousness thinking and being that way… then read Seth’s book “The Nature Of Personal Reality.” You have to want to change your beliefs and world-view if you want a happier life… good luck and hire a good personal life coach… stay away from the wicked ones, they are usually, Cult/secret society based… remember “being truly happy includes the happiness of others, along with you.”

As for The Cult initiate reading this; You have a bigger problem than some brainwashed TV-baby. Nobody is going to help you who understands your situation other than me, probably.

You were likely tricked into joining The Cult as a teen when you knew nothing about anything and you were very impressionable and suggestible in those early years. Remember watching those black and white documentaries about Hitler and the NAZIs brainwashing the youths into tattle on parents for believing in world freedom? They were part of The Cult, too, just a different branch. Stalin was into The Cult, too, murdered over 60 million profane and fellow brothers who weren’t in the “inner-loop,” just an different region and languages, but similar oppressive goals and behavior… communism and fascism loop around on the circle of political control of the masses and meets to become almost the same, but The State “heads” are “god” in one case and The Corporate “heads” are in the other. Same picture just a different hue.

Your problem is very deep rooted in Earth’s human history; Seth identifies a past civilization experiment upon Earth that decided to extinct itself due to mainly genetic deficiencies. The Civilization was call the Lumanians. They were the geniuses that built the Giza Pyramid using sound technology machines. Stone-work Engineer, Christopher Dunn produced documentation that identifies a greater technology than our own built many ancient structures like the Giza Pyramid. The Lumanians are our ancestors that gave up impeding the native humans on Earth and instead blended their higher intelligence genetics into our Homo sapiens species. They had the natural inclination for violence genetically taken out of their species. Instead of progressing towards an understanding of becoming capable co-creating Earthbound entities their detriments of genetically extracting their natural need to learn to control their violent impulses was too great. They were intelligent enough of a civilization to realize that this social deficiency was too great a barrier for their civilization to mature into a self-regulating, UN-fearful, useful product… so they spread their seed amoungst us and eventually died out. They could not cope with life here. But they left their “remnant Lumanian” genetics on the planet.

The Cult is aware of the “remnant Lumanians” and you can see some differently shaped skulls in ancient documentation, but The Cult keeps a lid on the information handed down through the ages.

The Lumanian were the great impede-rs of other species upon Earth, back in their day. Now, following in their ancient footsteps is The “remnant Lumanian” Cult… impeding non-cult initiates or what they call the profane. I use the work of William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon radio series to identify the behavior of The Cult. The are, likely, “the monsters” that Seth informs us not to concentrate upon… Seth warns us if we concentrate on what the monsters do, then we will bring them into our probable reality. If you are reading this article, then you have already chosen this probability and will have to face the challenge of illuminating them back into humanity. They are likely all the secret societies branches sworn to hold their secrets from the “profane.” The “profane” includes me in it, too.

As for helping the monsters becoming human again. We need to realize that they are The Cult that has taken over most every position of power in society. They believe the Age of Aquarius is “their time” of controlling Earth. They control the Western Civilization from the shadows and are pushing Agenda21 and the brain-chipping/trans-humanism movement.

The cult minions have been brainwashed by The Cult to give up their “will power.” This is a thing that Seth warned about that hiding within a “group” does not negate your responsibility to your soul your greater self, your natural grace, your individual integrity… but The Cult brainwashes it’s minions to ignore the wholesome impulses that come from their entity, within.

Another huge problem is the challenge of humanity becoming overwhelmed by the power of technology. Seth informed us back in the 1960’s that we have progressed to the age where technology adds great complexity to our civilization. Not only have we advanced to concern ourselves with “the world” rather than our community and country, but now technology has rerouted the way we see the world, the way we experience Nature.

More concerning is the successful interfacing or bridging of the human brain with computers. The Cult is using technology to upset the old order of the world and instead bringing about a new world order of society. This has been prepared for years. Back in the 1960’s Seth commented that for the last 50 years society has taken a turn for the worst. So that meant at the time when the secret societies began redirecting “science” and “education” institutions is where our culture began loosing it’s integrity.

The greatest problem I see with technology is the brainchip interfering with corporeal reality’s demand for spiritual value-fulfillment. The brainchip is designed to block “impede” the spiritual inner senses. All-That-Is will have no difficulty extincting such uselessness out of existence… not that your failure in this probability will not be used to help educate the successes in any other probability. Nothing is wasted… It is just a shame that more of that Lumanian intellect didn’t surface within The Cult.


Albert Pike had already created the KKK and wrote “Morals and Dogmas” to guide The Cult down a new level of social integrity. The use of laboratories to study the actual behavior of Nature began to be ignored and were replaced with thought-experiments by the new “prophets” like Einstein. The USA was taken off the gold standard allowing the eye over the pyramid on the back of the one dollar “gold note” to see a new covert control over the masses of profane.

The first international bankers were the Knights Templar according to William Cooper. But they had to go underground and exist secretly after the 1307 political mess-up. The first half of the 20th century made great profits for the international bankers during the fabricated world wars. Since the USA didn’t join the League Of Nations after the First World War, the Second World War was used to establish the United Nations. USA was still too strong in it’s old values by the ending WWII, so Hitler was obviously instructed by The Cult to hinder the German Generals from acquiring Moscow. Hitler was supposedly last photo graphed in 1955 in Argentina… I don’t know… Seth wasn’t getting involved with politics exposing things and getting Jane and Rob in trouble with The Cult. So here I am… in trouble with The Cult, haa!

Anyways, we are trying help the monsters in The Cult to save themselves from self-destruct mode.

If you are in The Cult, you definitely have to read the Seth works… The books were written for you minions to help you save yourselves from extinction. You create your own destruction. Seth says any species that has no purpose with simply end. Suicide itself! You monsters are going down an unfortunate probability towards self-destruction. You need to become more happy with your world-views and thus your reality will follow suit.

Seth’s books are just what you need to solve your dilemma. The Lumanians tried to pass on their superior intellect genetics to our species, but your cult got infiltrated by the greedy and hateful “Illuminati” is has been said and promoted the “Death cult” idealism. Tisk, tisk… There went JFK, there went King, there went Cooper, and thousands of others… you are picking your way creating the probability where you don’t want to be. You minions all claim you are not in control, but each of you are.

Be careful with those brainchips monsters… monsters normally cannibalized when they run out of things to do.  Bet your hive-mind means there is a zombie bio-robot switch in your skull, too, just like me.

You all create your own experiences and they all amass into your chosen probability of manifestation.

Now, bringing this mass event stuff to light, the minion need to read Seth’s book “ The Individual and Mass Events.”


In 2008 making comments about human cyborgs, code-talkers

The late Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, assassinated by The world-wide-Cult in 2015 pointed out that covert human implants started 1970s   http://www.naturodoc.com/library/public_health/microchip_implants.htm

There is a compound that needs to be injested that makes the body very sensitive to the energy weapons that can create an erection… the brainchip does not have that much control on external organs at the energy weapons/ingested compound.   Norway had Sem-Jacobsen experimenting with probes on humans who worked closely with Canadian Penfield… (likely a renamed mind scientist from the Nazi clan brought to Canada durning Operation “Paper clip” or Nazi transfer/embedding – black op.)  Delgato was experimenting on humans besides arena-bulls.  They were Culties in the 50s and 60s.  Their stated goal was to covertly, control human behavior at a distance.  And they somehow knew such a thing was possible… maybe from ancient records from the builders of Giza… likely the Lumanians identified by Seth.   The bible said the “Tower of Babel” was a past attempt to become god-like… The brainchip was the means of creating a hive-mind for those lumanians who lacked true psychic abilities.  The created a living language via the cell-towers like the present day synthetic-telepathy that most of the secret-societies are using now.   You see, they wish to become a new species… they claim.  Homo-erraticus i gather will be the brainchipped hiveminders… like the Borg on Star-Trek… Star-Trek is obviously a Cult “Dream.”   But “The Ends never justifies the means”   and their means of achieving their dream is their biggest error…  murder does not work for spiritual illumination, silly ones!  You will likely have to learn through the death of your cult as fake, techno-“gods.”  “Fake gods” will have the hardest time becoming illuminated.  Make a real “Tower of Babel” which the Lumanian could not achieve… (read up on Seth Speaks to find out why.)  Seth was not one of your “false prophets!”   haaa! You are the ones following the false-prophets, btw!


https://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/03/18/cyborg_bug_surveillance_milestone/  So, what we have here is a redundant article about moths being remote controlled.

I was covertly implanted with the cyborg chip in 2007 and 08   and these comments in the (below link) cyborg moth article makes allusions (multipharious) to humans-cyborgs, this level of technology already.  These are Cult members chitchatting with each other.


The lovely thing is, Jane Roberts did humanity a great service!  Wow!   She and Rob Butts patched in or bridged into our probability the great words of Seth.  Read them wisely and make your cultural decisions based on these 20th century truths.  Your success and failure depends upon it…  Evidently.


Comment to NewInsideOut.com


Magnus Olsson was tormented by technology to create another public scene in this account of the incident. (See link above.)

Today I noticed Olsson changed his eucach.org webpage and lost all my comments and accounts I placed on that site.  Now it is call TIA  “Targeted Individual Association”  founded by Gary Owen.  But look at Owen’s story… he actually points out the the secret societies are behind the world take-over.  This is something that Magnus Olsson never did, he never pointed the finger at his perpetrators and now he has cancer, too.

William Cooper pointed out what the world-wide Cult was all about in his “Mystery Babylon” series.  Masons are the new root of the Cult’s army of minions “crafting” world government for their masters.

Here is newsinsideout.com account of Olsson’s 2016 attack while organizing a community of resistance.  Looks like nobody is supporting Olsson and the TIA leaders.   Divide and conquer… divide and conquer.

Here is a copy of the write-up:


It was Sunday 28th of February 2016, Magnus Olsson was staying at my house in Spain, I had been appointed the Vice President of World CACH 2 days before. We were planning the roll out of the World CACH, deciding the agenda of the organisation, we had a great day on the Saturday, we appointed the technical director, spoke to one of our legal team Alfred Lambremont Webre, he’s the guy that won the war crimes tribunal against Tony Blair and George Bush. We explained that what we wanted to do with World CACH was to set up a Global Intelligence Service that acts for the people against the Governments and security services that no longer represent the people, and take the Masons who have infiltrated all levels of the government and security Services to the war crimes tribunal for genocide and racketeering against the population of earth. He thought both ideas were sensational and invited us to go on his show the following day, which would go out to 250,000 people.

On the Sunday, I started hearing the high pitched noise again in my ear I had not heard it for a few days, since Magnus arrived, and all of a sudden it was back along with the voice to skull. We were to meet for lunch with some people and later talk on Skype with William Binney and then do the show with Alfred where we would break the news to the world about what we were doing. It was only 30 minutes to the lunch meeting and I had heard nothing from Magnus, so I went down to the apartment he was staying in below my house. I knocked on the door and he answered saying he needed medical help, he was in a terrible state. He was physically shacking none stop, and his face was bright red with a high temperature.

After some phone calls we decided to go to the emergency Chemist and get some pain killers and antibiotics as it looked like a virus. The Chemist said we should go to the emergency doctors in the town, by this time I was having to support Magnus while he walked, he was on the verge of passing out none stop.

Four doctors in the emergency room at Torrox looked at him and did all the tests they could and found nothing wrong. But they agreed something was wrong, so we were dispatched to the main hospital in Valez. I arrived at the emergency entrance, Magnus was no longer able to walk, they put him in a wheel chair. He was fading in and out and incoherent. After 2 hours we got to see a very proficient doctor, he was very thorough. Magnus had come round a little after drinking two litres of cold water. I thought the worst was over, Magnus was dispatched for X-rays and 12 blood tests, we did the X-rays first, no problems, then we went to do the blood tests, half way through taking the blood, they took a lot of blood, about 6 tubes, all of a sudden Magnus took a severe turn for the worse, it started by Magnus telling me that he was going to pass out. I tried to explain this to the Spanish nurse. Then he went as white as snow, all over, his face was pure porcelain white and I noticed that his hands were the same. I was instructed by the nurse to wave his hat in front of his face to try and revive him, his eyes rolled back into his head and you could only see white eyes and a white face it was shocking. By this time the nurse was in a sheer panic and the doctor that had seen him was called.

Before the doctor could arrive, Magnus started to have muscle spasms all over his body, they started on his spine, and spread all over, he was put on a gurney and was contorted and jerking all over the place with his eyes rolled back in his head. It was clear he would die of a heart attack if they did not stop it, they pressed the emergency button and doctors came from everywhere, he was wheeled at speed to the ICU Critical Emergency ward. They stripped of his cloths and by now there was a dozen people trying to figure out what was wrong.

I heard the original doctor tell the others that Magnus was working with CIA whistle blowers, we had explained a bit about the organisation to the doctor during the initial examination. They dismissed it and moved on, they could find nothing wrong. They injected him with Diazepam a strong muscle relaxant. He was in critical for two hours, during the first part I took a picture, I had taken several others, so I could put them on the World CACH facebook site later.

The last photo I took one of the doctors went crazy and threatened me to take no pictures and if any of the pictures I had taken were made public I would be charged by the police. This escalated and security arrived, one more sensible doctor said would you be OK to delete them, as you’re not allowed to take photos in a Spanish hospital. There were no signs saying you couldn’t.

I agreed to delete them rather than be arrested, I was taken to the public waiting room, three hours went by. A man arrived and told me I could visit Magnus, I was taken through, he was looking better but had an oxygen mask on, and was drained. I was told that in a few hours provided he remained stable he could leave, he was put on an intravenous antibiotic and saline drip. They dosed him up with the anti-biotics and gave me a prescription for a weeks long course and some diazepam in case the spasms started again.

After 7 hours in there we left, Magnus was back but very weak. The doctors told me that every test they did showed nothing, everything was exactly normal through the whole process. They agreed something was wrong but they did not know what it was. The whole day I had a strong high pitched noise whistling in my ear that is part of the Gangstaklking they are perpetrating on people now.

You have to ask yourself about the coincidences involved.

1/ Magnus and I were not being attacked like normal until we decided to Form a Global Intelligence Service for the people against the governments. Then we were both attacked.

2/ Nothing was found to be wrong with Magnus at all.

3/ That day we were to go on video and announce the plan to the TI world.

4/ We were making significant progress on the roll out of World CACH, talking to the leaders around the world of the individual country CACHs. Appointing the technical director. Getting the war tribunals accepted by a judge.

On the way home I started to wonder if we could not get the images back from the camera so I asked a young tech guy Alex Axon to see if it was possible, and a few hours later he had recovered three images and all the thumb nails. They were a bit degraded but we now have the images.

Magnus Olsson at Hospital ICU Critical Room - Feb. 28, 2016

Magnus in ICU Critical Unit

Magnus Olsson In Wheelchair

Magnus when he came round a bit              

What a day!

Gary Owen

Vice President

World Coalition against Covert Harassment (WorldCACH)



Now, here is my comment on that page:

Well! It looks like everyone has a lot of speculation and blaming that is going on with no evidence. But you have to realize that although “things” are really happening to all these people… because they feel it, but don’t understand it.

And then, of course you have disinformationists filling the TIs heads with “inside information” explaining what could be causing the “feelings.” You must realize, when a thug begins filling your head with suggestions, they are never… never going to be truth. The truth must be evaluated using critical thinking. Once you are a TI with remote technologies used against you… your survival depends upon your critical thinking and your integrity.

The thug network will never help you towards the truth. Hospitals are filled with authentic helpful people, but they also have the thugs calling the shots in the background, too. And of course there is the medical mafia network hiding itself in every hospital, too. They are the secret societies… all the secret-society branches of the Mystery School Cult are working against the TIs, because they will wipe out the bewildered ones afterwards.

First of all… all TIs get a thought monitoring brainchip so they can predict what you are going to do or say. None of you “TI” seem to realize how the brainchip is the central tool being used against you guys. The zombie brainchip is an even worse tool that will take over your consciousness… It knocks you out cold, instantly, and then the brainchip takes over your body movement. Have none of you figured this out yet?

Maybe DEW killed Dr. Rauni Kilde… maybe just an assassin, maybe a poison sack implant… nobody amoungst you will ever know for sure… only the Cult who has manipulated all human authority away from the “profane,” knows. And the only one amoungst you who points out who the biggest, secret-society, perpetrator of “the Cult” is Gary Owens… it seems.

The Cult thugs try to be illusionists… their “fun” is to mess you up. They direct your thinking in the wrong direction as a way to feel superior as well as to confuse your intellect. They use your lack of understanding of the technology at their finger-tips to misdirect your assumptions. They monitor your thoughts and misdirect you with almost perfect timing when you go off track from what technology they are actually using upon you.

Sometimes, the TI is hypnotized to believe the “voice of god” or think it is a “friendly voice.” Don’t be a moron, it will always be a set-up, always a setup for something else… ignore the V2S bs, or you will become hypnotized or suggested into something they want you to do.

Implants, implants, implants… these are their main tools. In Canada, the medical mafia just implanted a covert pacemaker into my heart via my wind pipe/lungs June 2018. My lungs Flemmed-up that evening after the covert surgery. Once the zombie chip can knock you out and walk you body into the medical mafia’s wicked clutches and a medical record has been thus fabricated against you… there is not much the thugs can’t get away with. Two years earlier they somehow damaged my heart valves during another zombie-brainchip covert surgery. The brainchip was being perfected by Sem-Jacobsen, Penfield and Delgato back in the 50’s… Debrah on stopthecrime pointed out with Jeff Rense that brainchips were in use by the mid 1970’s… this is old perfected technology now.

Going hysterical: For example, you can see the comments of “Judith” could be a real TI, but goes on and on about being killed by DEW and foil here/there and agents radiating her from implants…. all disinformation…. Hysteria is the cycle of false thoughts that will destroy the TI. They want hysteria to set into you… they want you irrational and afraid of dying… when they want you dead, you likely will be, like Dr. Rauni Kilde. With the zombie chip they can walk you off a bridge any day they want. It is a game for them as they practices how they will become “gods” with such technology, how pathetic!

So now you need to know that they are in trouble as much as the TIs seem to be in trouble.

Jane Roberts channeled in an authentic spiritual advisor naming itself “Seth” back in the ‘60s.

This secret-society Cult doing all these wicked things with technology is who Seth calls the followers of the “Remnant Lumanians.” The Lumanians were a failed genetic experiment following a successful earlier civilization that came from our solar system area. The Lumanians built the pyramids using mainly ancient sound technology that they developed. They genetically eliminated acts of violence out of their genetics, but as an unfortunate result they lost their courage and spiritual vitality… thus making them fearful or gutless as a civilization. They tried to succeed as a civilization by impeding the natives upon Earth. This is what the present day Cult is now doing… impeding others to make themselves succeed.

Unfortunately, the brainchip is their greatest power and downfall… their Cult depends on the synthetic telepathy to replace the natural evolution of the human mind to develop psychicly. Their Cult and secrecy will dissolve once mankind develops this far… so the Cult is impeding human-nature, now. Thus they are doomed to extinction if they take control of Earth using the brainchip to replace true telepathy.

They are about to turn this probable-reality (“Seth Speaks” Chapter 15) into a repeat of the Lumanian genetic failure civilization through their hateful greed and self-righteousness. Watch the movie “Space 2001.” They see themselves as the tribe of monkey-men who grabbed the bones to kill other tribes… first, and thus they are dominant. They will then outwit their own AI and get the “big prize.” But they have chosen the path of the fake-gods and nature has no use for fakes… so this Cult will be extincted to make room for a non-fake civilization even if it takes a million more Earth years… what a joke! Seth tells them that this is where they are heading and they just want to kill the messengers… what a “tribe” of jokers and fakes.

This is why you are targeted, by the way; Somehow, someway, you stood out before the others… your neighbours. And now, you are personally tasked to defend your civilization of worthy humans (the ones with personal integrity) against the unworthy, trans-humanist, soul-selling monster tribe worshiping their AI, hive-mind god… apparently called “Lucifer” (filled with artificial greed and hate and self-righteousness of course, this is obvious) directed by their Cult that would have no existence without all its spiritual-baby-thug-minions who donate away their own will-power and hide from their own individual responsibility toward true, spiritual value-fulfillment and the positive growth of humanity.

This is a spiritual reality where you will only “die” when that time has been chosen by your spiritual greater-self and your own beliefs.

Sincerely compiled by,

James Sidaway the Aquarian


I’m not sure if Newsinsidout will post my comment.   And like Olsson replacing everything I posted on Eucach.org with the simple TIA page… tisk, tisk.  What a waste…

This is much the same as all the articles I created and posted on planet.infowars.com… Jones’ site still shows the search results for the articles but the site has malfunctioned against viewing for me for over a year… lets try again

Binary-Biological Horrors

Well, I got the old black-windowed-black-car treatment again which I noticed just before they covertly tried to capture me and zombie-chip my brain.  Those were naive days I had a decade ago traveling with a couple Eastern-Stars and a Mason to Dinosaur Valley, Alberta.  We all shared a room together and that is where I was Zombie-chipped.  But heck, a couple years before, my heart was poisoned and quivered for 4 days with me on my back so my head got some of the blood-flow until the poison passed.  And many, many more “accidental deaths” were averted, before and after the lobotomy of 2016.  Yes, they even performed a lobotomy in Belize, which gave me a left, black-eye for over a week and headaches I never felt before.  Oh, I think some higher reasoning went with it… these are the monsters who think they are on some kind of road towards their god-hood.  Seths points out to any of their few intelligent that they are dooming them without and signs of worthiness to their greater selves.

I guess their reasoning is they haven’t the spirit to become gods due to their hateful greed and self-righteousness behavior.  They are choosing a fake route of progression using technology-deception toward becoming brainchipped, fake-gods since their mentality is thus banishing them away from all true godliness.

The Lumanian, that Seth spoke of, infused their intellectual capabilities into our species since they were doomed to fail without our creative control and use of un-altered “godly” embedded violence in our genetics.  The true “godly” spirit will not surface within the wicked minions/monsters.  Thus, they will instead, haaa, ha, “live forever” and be self-righteous “fake-gods” instead.

You are a doomed Cult of followers if you reject all illumination the spirit requires you to achieve.  Your AI will swallow what’s left of your own soul fragments.


Saving the Monsters From Themselves

To Alan Watt:

I was going to add a new post to my brainchipped.wordpress.com site, but wanted to run it your way, first.  Well, you are one of the in-depth truthers on the net that shows no signs of wavering or selling out to deception.  Well, I do dislike your statements that the cult has the future all social-engineered in every detail and buttoned-up in the ways that they do… don’t they?   No, I don’t like to hear you going down that path of thinking even if you believe it to be true.   Sure, sure, they have headed you off at the pass before you got there.  Heck! they seemed to have done the same thing to me, too…  (But before they headed me off, I was running around Western Canada distributing CD’s exposing the horrible corruption I discovered in Canadian politics… I was totally clueless that there was a highly organized cult of deception intermixed with the profane and I was fearless of something I was oblivious of.  I saw my CD’s to be like a virus that would eventually become self-perpetuating as the profane awakened and began distributing their own CD’s.  Canada would not become the next Argentina, I surmised… but I got caught by some kind of Canadian mafia of sorts.  I had no clue that they were everywhere!)  Maybe, just maybe, heading-one-off-at-the-pass is a trick of sorts that the wicked have learned to use against the profane individuals like myself…

Maybe, just maybe, the monsters only exist because we require them to help us learn what it is to be good-willed.  Sure, they live their lives the way they are brainwashed to think and experience their own way of viewing the world, but they know inside that they need to be fixed, or repaired from what they do and how they think.
This is my attempted article trying to help them turn an new leaf in their lives.  Many of them have already introduced themselves to me, expressing to me the way that cult monsters do their expressing of their own tormented ways of life.

I have great hopes for their own awakening will end their secretly directed war upon the profane as they bow down to a ruling class of organizers who want them to fight their war for them only to be double-crossed in the end by such master-minding anti-leaders.

Okay, cut and paste…..


Saving the monsters from themselves.

This sounds like a strange statement. Who wants to save a “monster?” But most realize, we all have to deal with those figurative “monsters” within us all the time. If we let them grow unchecked, then they may be given the opportunity to manifest into our here-now, physical world. Some of those monsters clamoring from within take away our spirit of good-will towards others… That Mystery School cult know this all too well. Some, phony, masonic-beggers acting for their data-coins of gossip about targeted individual are simply some of the monsters-in-disguise… tricking themselves that they are somewhat more intelligent, compared to the uninitiated profane. I have witnessed this masonic behavior a few times. They really seem to dislike being discovered for what they really are. They even run away and come back with a can of pop and a “bless you” statement. Haaa! I’m not a Christian (never was, just ruling class lies to control their minion’s minds.) and the Mystery School cult apparently hates the Christians and mob, so why pretend to “bless?” Unless it suits the farcical religious fever surrounding the coming of the Utopianic “Aquarian Age” and the required loss of world-wide spirituality. “In God We Trust” has got to go if The Wicked are to rule the Earth… is that the fervor that drives them?

Well, by taking on the role of a masonic-begger amoungst the profane they likely have two goals in mind. It gives them a sense of power… a prophetic power over their targets that they conspire to perform their religious spell of the “secret dagger” or “slow kill” accompanied by plenty of masonic slander and character assassinations. Yes, the masons have acquired these Templarian culling skills from the Assassins Secret Sect of old(see Mystery Babylon). This process apparently dates back to the Demise of the Knights Templar where the King, Pope and Mob tortured and slaughtered and forced many more Mystery Schoolers into poverty (but, this could be just another deception/manipulation of history to justify the “cremation of care” or for the caring for any non-initiate). The masters of the cult need to justify their horrible acts of hatred, their monsterdom. But the begger-actors attacking their targets do so from an affected lower social position or from “below” the profane norm of our times. These born-again-luciferians (or monsters), actually see themselves as residing above the profane society who are, in their “upper eyes,” considered to be “their herd of prey.”.. or this flock of sheep, shepherded by hook and flail.

You see, actually, the monsters need to be saved from their-selves… saved from their own conditioning and brainwashing. The monsters are managed by the ruling class as surely as they are required to monitor and regulate “the profane.” The non-initiate have some will left to their lifestyle, but the monsters have sworn their will away into distant, ritualistic oaths of servitude.

Although, we profane commoners may be the stronger of mind-sets (in that we allow the innate moral-compass to process “The Golden Rule” into our actions while rejecting cliquish back-stabbings) if they can resisted such lore of learning secrets that the initiates quest for. Maybe, these are the profane minds who hang onto their moral-compass and choose good-will over hateful-deceit. Some people are just not challenged to join organized cult behavior. Are they too soulful to be asked to swindle their fellow humans and thus must remain outside the cult. A profane like me is only asked to join once and no thank you was that response after the blind-folding and roomly circumnavigation. But I should add, most every Mystery School cult members I have identified always deny cult membership unless wearing a sheepskin “M” apron like my father had… I wonder why?

Cooper says, few low-level cult members realize that secret societies have two groupings. There are the profane-like blue-lodgers and there are the wicked, born-againers who swear upon their children’s lives to obey their masters’ orders. George Bush claimed to be a “born-again,” he was a 322 initiate at Harvard. Again, William Cooper’s CAJI members did an authorial study of these Bush-roots. When I was stopped in my high-school hallway and asked to attend a Demolay gathering of 12 non-initiates, the leader claimed to me the group gatherings were all about learning interesting stuff… so hey, sounded like a good start-up, but that was not my impression after attending that first group meeting… Turn’s out, it was a start into a cult of obedience and brainwashing it’s members into a secret society of local political thugs… wow! What deception! And not to mention, death! Haaa!

Some say the profane are not challenged to “give up their souls” like those Mystery School initiates (as identified by William Cooper in his memorable audio series “Mystery Babylon”)… In my case, ever since I was “caught” by the cult, educating the profane with my CDs that my beloved Canada was being “sold-out” to corruption, then the wicked began to attack me, personally. The profane were suddenly much less of a concern since they were not the ones attacking me and also mostly the “spiritually” free. It is the Mystery School monsters who have turned their figurative backs upon their own inner spiritual guidance or oversoul and have allowed spiritual integrity to be replaced (along with their quest for life’s spiritual beauty) with that of the towers of technology. In particular I refer to their hive-mindish “Tower of Babel.” The basis of their hive-mind is the Mystery School’s brainchip. If one is covertly installed onto a targeted profane, it can then be used to torture the profane with endless AI babbling, electronically, directly into the brain… possibly driving the individual crazy or more likely, towards suicide… like so many of the hollywood movies that are used to – enmass — program the profane to consider such whistle-blowing people as nuts (instead of realizing their warnings of such covert technology.)

Some initiates have call it the “Voice of god weapon” as it was obviously used upon Vincent Li when central-command covertly murdered Tim McLean. Vincent Li was witnessed to be acting like an emotionless robot during the slaying. I can say he was unconsciously, remote-controlled by the mystery school monsters back at electronic, central-command, hiding in their safety nest-of-horrors. Their shoppe of horrors. I know this very well because they tortured me for over 10 years using their electronic, microwave-connected brainchips (two) within my skull… I simply resisted against their wicked ways. Oh, the brainchip is the result of their wicked priests. Those nasty leaders who are beginning to see they are in dire need of truth. But monsters hate the truth, haaa!

I am not kidding when I say they are in dire need of spiritual help. They have been effectively lobotomized of emotions by cult brainwashing protocol. These are the monsters who hide in the shadows of technology, but can be tracked and exposed.

The LasVegas shooter was witnessed to be in screaming dreaming fits… this is typical brain-chip torture… Polock was the fall-guy for the Mystery School black-op just like Oswald was the scapegoat for the JFK assassination after exposing the need to clean the secret societies out of politics. Whenever a person binary-biological (NASA terminology for a brainchipped zombie exposed by Deborah Travares) is used to kill for the cult, the remains need to be scanned for evidence of brainchips.

Alex Jones showed the public that he is well aware of the technology when he spoke with a radio-theater caller on April 2nd, 2018. This exposes Jones as a goat. The infowar’s admin invasion and manipulation of my planet.infowars account told me Infowars was not quite right. And then this year I discovered that the killing attempts upon my life started at ruffly the same time that Infowars secretly republished my document “brainchipped dream world” so fellow cult members would not be tracked and recorded by the planet.infowars site. We have nasty monsters hiding at Infowars and unsurprisingly Jones now has egg-white spilling from the cracks forming on his Chicken-hawk eggshell… will the joke inside be golden? Haaaa! A very high hit count on my article by cult members made it necessary for the Jones goat crew to stop the viewing count from becoming too high. Besides, the isp records of all the cult members viewing the page could be used to identify the cult members involved in the new plots to delete my presence In this probability of reality, so to speak of. So Jones is beginning to expose to fellow cult members that he has been brainchipped into the hive-mind of monsterhood. He also said the purpose of Infowars is complete, so all the rest is just gravy… let that be a warning. Haaa! After Christmas, he took his family off to Hawaii to set up a “safer” location off of the control-gridded mainland. I guess we can assume Zucky and Jones will be well protected by cult forces in the salt-chuck. Jones actually cracked his egg-shell on Feb. 28th 2018 broadcast. Listen to his tone when he talks about 90% of humanity being wiped off the Earth soon. You can feel that he turned the corner after Google gave him back his Youtube rights. His facade suddenly began lifting. I wonder if all his behind-the-camera support are deeply embedded? Seems Infowars was created to take attention away from William Cooper and replace him during the turbulents of 9/11. To listen to him goating for more sales and followers is both humourous and sad.

So when these Mystery Schoolers looks into a washroom mirror and sees a monster looking back at itself. Most of these initiates look at themselves and feel a deep down disgust at what they have allowed themselves to become. They all know that they could commit suicide and end their collective horror story… unfortunately, the young initiates are the quickest to go. They kill themselves as a statement to their cult… “fuck you… my fellowship of monsters!!! I’m off to somewhere better where I won’t feel so disgusted with myself and all of you mystery schooler of hate and deception!” I occasionally heard cult members state that other cult members couldn’t “stick with the program” cause he/she were too sensitive. These poor children are the virgins in the figurative mousetrap.

The “mousetrapped” are not the profane “tax-paying herd.” Not the ones financing the highly-corruptible initiates who have slither their way towards the bottom of the mirrored pyramid.

At times, I see these “monsters” – daily at times – gloating with each other at their own “entrapped” wickedness. My father rejected the oath of wicked to give up his soul to the cult. He can be seen as somewhat of a Hero of Defiance. He defied the cult’s claim upon his soul and was subsequently tormented by the covert, silent weapons of the Mystery School cult as a result and never left their “Blue Lodge.”

Upon his realizing that I rejected joining the Demolay cult, during my teenage days, he was enthralled and elated for a few days before his death (or was it an assassination?) The investigator said he was not alone in his apartment just prior to his death. I didn’t even know the cult was controlling their minions so viciously. It is highly likely that the cult murdered my father… after seeing and surviving so many arranged accidents by this very same cult upon my life. They are the masters of the shadows… which they’ve borrowed from that medieval Assassins Sect. You will also find the assassins hiding in hospitals, too, so don’t be too eager to seek help in such institutions, since it is a great cover for people dying.

In Toronto, in 2016, after they brainchip insomni-ized me for a week and brainchipped controlled me into toppling down a concrete staircase a couple of times, by the next morning I acquired a new broken rib and a new strange fluid blister to cover-up an injury to hide it, seemingly in the middle of the night. You see, brainchipped induced unconsciousness is sneakier than anesthesia… it is electronic and instantaneous turned on and off and leaves no chemical residue… just another warning for those brainchipped zombots out there. There are lots of brainchipped profane mixed within the public by now. If I was not the first in Western Canada, Vincent Li was an indicator that the technology was newly released just weeks after my zombot chip was installed. (The fact that Jones is no longer hiding the use of brainchips now means the cult feels powerful enough to expose it on his show.) The plan is to chip everyone with zombie-chips so their bodies can be taken over for an apocalypse. Even the CDC is promoting zombies like the TV series… all weaponized entertainment (like Alan Watt has always warned his listeners of.) A microwave linked brainchip can even put a central-command (haa, shadow-monster) in control of a profane, zombie-chipped driver of a big, heavy truck (if you are wondering why vehicles are being used as weapons within the cellular brainchip-zombie zones of the world, then you are profane to the cult reality being rammed down your throat)… the handler is simply “safe and sound” with other fellow monster=handlers of that wicked “craft.” Which-craft am I referring to? Not witchcraft… although Hollywood “Reds” (see Myron C. Fagan) have been brainwashing the profane to accept “magic” like the Harry Potter stuff and computer World-of-Warcraft (very masonic) type of mind-controlling behavior training stuff.

Well, back to my analysis of my cult-defiant father… I know the cult had been talking to him, (now, looking back,) since he suddenly began telling me — out of the blue – that I never joined the Demolay and thus I was not masonic… that I had walked away from it, not knowing anything of a nebulous cult that it initiated into the lives of unsuspecting children.

I never told my father my little, Demolay rejection story, but suddenly he knew all about it… At the time, I felt it was irrelevant to our worlds, but it turned out to be his sudden, joyful surprise that I was not Masonicly, secretly, instructed by some screw-ball, false-prophesying master to shun my father for his defiance of the cult’s dictates… (This all came the day after I explained to him how concerned I was about politicians and policy creators where I was doing hydrology work in Arizona. They were allowing the over-pumping out ground-water resources, thus collapsing the natural ground-reservoirs. That seemed bazaar to me and made me question if some kind of massive political deceptiveness was evading the truth. (Truth changes the inner and outer worlds.))

Yes, my father was strangely elated and happily rejoiced that I walked away from his cult. I didn’t associated my father’s masonic ties with my teenage Demolay rejection… I didn’t realize that he had been tormented for decades by masonic control mechanisms since his rejecting to swear upon his children’s lives to the requirements of some masonic oaths of obedience. But I can “see” it now. He kept in this way some of his will and truthfulness, but, resultingly, lost his cult’s “brotherliness” and secret fellowships.

Months after I rejected the Demolay cult, the cult leader visited me again in the high-school I attended and said he “I feel sorry for you on your decision” to reject his club. He tried to make me feel like I made a blunder… what a joker! I had rejected the cult of deception and that secret road to monsterdom. And now, the same cult call upon me again and again, they brainchipped me in 2007 and then zombie-chipped me in 2008 and what I have learned is awesome! In order to learn, one must reject and escape the secret garden-path of mediocrity and explore instead what is not in plain sight. When the “enlighted” are actually the “profane” is the height of megalomanical humour that the “rulers” play on their own.

But rest easy, twisted, profane monsters, your soul cannot be sold nor even given away to any cult… It is yours and yours alone. No cult can take it away from you. What your cult does not tell you is how you can escape the clutches of their wicked program of hatefulness. And you do not have to kill yourselves to escape as I assume you all ponder with each other who is too sensitive and will do themselves next…

All you need to do is learn the secret that you are not taught and definitely that you are not told the real secrets by your secret cult of the mysteries!

You already know the secret of life I’m sure, it is obvious, simply follow and speak the truth or the truth will set you free. After overcoming your fears of the truth, the probabilities unfold exactly as they need to. This is the true beauty that perfectly accommodates your experience of the here-now. You see, you are perfectly at the center of your own universe of probabilities and where it leads you, is truthfully, where you lead it. Everything probable is therefore possible. So what is it, now, that you truly desire in your particular, probable world?

My best regard,

James Sidaway

Binary-Biological Horrors

The Binary-Biological Horrors About to Reveal Themselves.

Remember the “Voice of God” slaying of Tim McLean?

July 29, 2008

At 12:05 p.m. July 28 in Edmonton, Vincent Li boarded a Greyhound bus bound for Winnipeg.

On July 29, around 6 p.m., Li got off the bus in Erickson, Manitoba, with at least three pieces of luggage, and stayed the night on a bench next to a grocery store. According to one witness, he was seen at 3 a.m. sitting bolt upright with eyes wide open.

On the morning of July 30, still at the bench, he sold his new laptop computer to a 15-year-old boy, Darren Beatty, for $60. The laptop was seized by the RCMP as evidence; the boy was subsequently given a new laptop for his honesty by an anonymous businessman.

Witness Garnet Caton said the attacker seemed oblivious to others when the stabbing occurred, adding he was struck by how calm the man was. “There was no rage or anything.

He was like a robot, stabbing the guy,” he said. (a brainchipped-binary-biological)

When he appeared in a Portage la Prairie courthouse on charges of second-degree murder, the only words Li reportedly uttered were pleas for someone to kill him.


The secrets are hidden in this text… Vincent Li acted like an emotionless robot. I know Li was actually unconscious by the brainchip and didnt commit the murder, although his body was used as a murder weapon, like so many truck attacks, Li was like a remote control vehicle.

When Li was given his consciousness while in the bus by his central-command controller… the horrors struck him and he asked to be killed once he was convinced that his body was indead the murder weapon.

In the summer of 2008, the Mystery School cult exposed by William Cooper put the same brainchip into my skull.  I kept documenting that I had been brainchipped guessing that my body would be used for some crime by central-command if I didn’t expose my situation.   I resisted the implant as best i could and also witnessed many Free-masons and Eastern Star cult minions setting me up in uncountable ways with the aid of this dreadful brainchip. 

In 2007 (before the brainchip was installed), someone unknown poisoned me discovering that I had been distributing information since 2002 about the designed collapse of Canada, but I survived their simulated heart-attack poison.  Eventually, in 2013 after many years of silent electronic torture to sway me in particular negative behavior, I began to expose the cult on a planet.infowars account  Soon after, the free-mason cult initiates began setting-me-up for accidents to possibly die or be crippled for life.  I had made the connection of their brotherhood as my adversaries.

The cult historically descended to their present-days (according to William Cooper’s research and it makes sense with my experiences) as followers of the islamic Assassins secret sect methods of shadow-lurking. The Mystery School guided the Islamic religion to be the opposition to Christianity. The crusades were a manipulation of the two. Today, the same cult manipulates the laws and policies within governments while bringing into North America and Europe all the refugee-warriors who will be scapegoated for the downfall of western culture when in actuality they are just the pawns.  Like central-command after murdering Mclean, so too will the Mystery School go free blaming the migrants.  Even worse yet, the cult-trusting, dumb-dumbs of the west have not figured out that they are about to be slaughtered but the actions and maneuvers of the Mystery School minions.

The killing of Tim McLean is symbolic is mostly symbolic of the dumbed-down masses of North America believing in fake news and untrustworthy professional sell-outs. Soon, the same technology will be used to mass murder an expected Alex Jones claim of 90% of the dumb-dumbs. I have caught Jones exposing on April 2nd 2018 that he is well aware of the covert installation of brainchips into the masses. A direct quote of Jones is, ” they are already soulless, so it doesn’t matter. You hack one head off… the spirit, like, came out of the possessed man of the pigs. It will just race into the next zombie. They have an unlimited army of husk ready to be avatar-ed right now.”

This is the secret technology that I watch Jones hide for years after Infowars administration manipulated all my posts on planet.infowars, in fact, Jones even had the article reposted directly into his infowars.com main website https://www.infowars.com/the-brain-chipped-dream-world/

After this post, the free-masons who infiltrated the company I was working for brought in an assassin who tried to set-me up for a slaying. The masonic-cult members ganged up on me and all lied together for their false-brotherhood of deception. The next year, more infiltration ensued the firm where an elaborate plot was made to bury me alive. I saw it coming so I put in my resignation the night of the full moon before the fake accident was designed to occur. This is how this cult masters operate, watch their signs very closely if they are targeting you and in general they target everyone outside their cult.

Wicked endoftheamericandream.com

Wicked endoftheamericandream.com Revieled

Interesting to find out just who is working with the Mystery School Take-Over. The immigrant warrior invasion is a diversion. https://www.therebel.media/illegal_immigrant_wave_hits_canada_overflow_of_fake_refugees_housed_in_olympic_stadium

This site just changed my comment… by deleting it:



The creator suddenly changed the way comments are posted, in fact now, you cant post at all…  and it is a “Save America” site…

What a Fraud to the Christians, just like Alex Jones, pretending like a master actor… why does he know so much about the cult? He is being fed info from his cult.

This tells me that I am in big trouble with the Mystery School  I can no longer connect with Planet.infowars.com  although it shows up in web searches.  so it is still there until I try to enter, then the data gets blocked.

endoftheamericandream.com is a phony site obviously since they removed all ability to comment anymore anywhere….  Claims to be for America but is for America’s death!


Here is my comment that endoftheamericandream.com removed from sight and also ended commenting all together.

End of the american dream comment

It is March 2018, I’m surprised that my comments from years ago are not here…

Well, Canada is baning certain guns, but it was always a follower or initiator to US changes. Of course crime mini-stirTruedoe is opening arms to the illegals that Trump refuses, Canada’s population is 10x ten times smaller than the US’s So things will turn into the collectivist Swedish state very quickly… the only thing that will

I was covertly implanted by the Canadian shadow gov cult back in 2007.  This was done after the poison to stop my heart failed to kill me.  Why?  because I gathered enough information about corruption in Canadian politics to fill an CD.  So I turned it into a encyclopedia and handed out thousands starting in 2002.
By 2006 I was caught by the “bad” guys.  I had no Idea that we had secret societies that acted as spies in every town and village.  they hold secret meeting to convey community issues to the masters and grandmasters.  Seems my impact was nasty and after avoiding being captured by these thugs multiple times, they then poisoned an orange on my car-seat.  Silly, but I thought I was cautious.
So I suppose I let the cat out and people knew I was poisoned for handing out CD’s in Canada.   So they eventually did capture me in 2007 and I had a new brainchip installed.  I thought they could only track me, until they began predicting where I was going and what my plans were… the chip was reading my thoughts and sending the translations wirelessly through the cell towers. wow, I had to become spontaneous and unpredictable from then on and avoided their setups for months, so they brainchipped me again with a bio-robotic version that could instantly knock me unconscious and remote control my body.  And so they did for 12 years now.
The whole purpose was to character assassinate me and put me in an institution.  But I passed the schizophrenic analysis by a psychiatrist who was not in the masonic cult.  So they tortured me with nightly intrusions and daily setups, sleep deprivation (4hrs max sleep for 10 years), teeth reshaping a large overbite, cornea laser-ing nightly after removing my eye epitheliums. Broke bones on the job in in the hospital, … it goes on and on what these monsters have done to demoralize and change me into what they want me to be. In the last three years they have gotten very deadly by implanting my heart with a anti-pacemaker to remote control a heart failure when they want and to make sure I notice my heart valve no longer has a solid pulse… done overnight. Monsters! Then during a trip to Belize was setup with the brainchip drifting my consciousness away while a cult minion was posing for photos with me showing a triangle hand symbol… totally masonic.

Once the visual part of the interface was activated they could display a matrix of photos pan-able using eye movement and zoomable by just thoughts.

I found a gal on the net that described the same thing, so I knew she was chipped like me. Solaris BlueRaven… they still have her confused that she is not implanted on the brain, poor gal! But she sells books about her “intrusion” of gov. psychic weaponry.

There is also Magnus Olsson in Sweden. But they gave him cancer recently so he will likely make a deal to shut the heck up… but also Sweden has recently turned into a fascist state, obviously. Everything is hush hush with the locals and the migrants are bombing the streets. So Olsson seems to be mild about the torture he gets these days.

Canada just created a law Bill C-16 that takes away freedom of speech. Jordon Peterson challenged the gov. but Canadians seem very docile About the loss of civil rights, like speech and illegal migrants coming through USA. Actually they were destine for USA but trump says go away…. They are still coming to Canada through USA. It is like ignored… So warning them of the brainchipped zombies and suicided assassins is just beyond them if they cant handle keeping their rights. Gun ownership was restricted last year.

The cult is deeply embedded here. But the States have the same problem. Economy is all set up to fail at the flick of a switch. 1000 ton of Canadian gold reserves just sold off in 2016. Canada has a public central bank which could have stopped Canada going into debt to foreign banks. Rocco Galati has been fighting the gov. for having stopped using the 0% interest loans since 1974. The financial collapse has been long in the making as well as in the USA.


Well, Alex Jones and Infowars seem to be a misdirection black op. They were hiding the brainchipping program until Feb28th 2018. Where alex spoke openly that AI cant be stopped now. (wrong, the cell towers is the prison grid Alex used to talk about before he began holding hands with Icke after rooting him out years before.) Looks like Jones was a good guy to start with, maybe, but has certainly now become a cult mouthpiece to hide the brainchip takeover. Once brainchipped within cell-tower signals, instant spy… instant saboteur, instant enemy bio-robot. When the patriots go into defense against the fascist minions… they have no idea that they need to buy scanners and scan everyone all the time.

Implanting only takes minutes when the medical mafia implanting crew is proficient. Within days the brain cells grow into the interface and a few days of calibration… instant assassin

Get a scanner and monitor everyone all the time, at the flick of a switch he/she could pick up you gun and use it against you.


Here is an example http://www.ldgadgets.com/aceco-fc-1003-handheld-radio-frequency-scanner-counter/


Study Myron c. Fagan’s “Red Stars Over Hollywood” to realize how quickly the “herd” of humanity forgets the dangers. https://wordpress.com/view/brainchipped.wordpress.com


Study William Cooper’s “Mystery Babylon” series



Why now, why should the Mystery School cult choose these years to takeover world politics? Was Hitler commanded to abort the European take-over back at the end of WWII? France was willing to fold only two quickly to Germany’s advances. The Cult was very well embedded into the politics and they traded the profane for the fascists.
The powers saw the war as a method of destroying the fighting aged men in targeted countries. Canadians fighting in the war were two types. There were officers class cult members and there were the profane working class. McCarthy? had sent a whole wave of troops to their slaughter, after-which he was demoted for an order well obeyed. Why? You need to understand there is a secret war beneath the public war. The slaughter was not a mistake, it was the mystery school cult members reducing the strength of the profane “Christians” and/or non-initiates. The cult decided to wipe out the allied herd, the test was over the loss of life was achieved.

Hitler demanded to split the invasion towards Moscow against his generals advice. The generals then realized that Hitler was taking orders from the cult instead of fighting for success. The US herd was tricked by the cult within America to join the Allies. The same cult that had taken over Hollywood. Myron C. Fagan exposed the “Red Stars Over Hollywood” https://archive.org/details/RedStarsOverHollywood-MyronFagan back in the 1940s.
After President Trump succeeded to release the JFK files hidden from the public eye, Hitler’s identity was exposed in a 1955 photo within the documents. A decade ago, I read an Argentinian hotel maid’s claim that she saw Hitler at a secluded German run business. Prior to the 40’s Argentina was manipulated into a failed economy by who else… the Mystery Schooler’s cult. Presumably the cult wanted to use mind control upon the herd. The herd fought too hard to remain free and the cult needed the herd to give up… Hitler said that mind-control was the method to rule the world.

So The cult prepared since Hitler developing mind control. Project Paperclip brought the nazi mind scientist to North America where they continued to develop the wireless brainchip. See “Race for the Brain” documentary exposing Sem-Jacobson, Wilder Penfield, and Delgado experimenting upon humans for mind control. http://icaact.org/articles-the-race-for-the-brain-sem-jacobsen-research.html The cult often hides such files and then creates cover-ups to confuse the herd.

The Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” made claims of human research involving brain electrode implants in the 60’s, funded by the U.S. Defense Department and the CIA.

Nearly ten years later, on 22 November 2000, State television channel TV2, broadcasted a program titled “The race is on the brain.” This program made a number of claims related to Sem-Jacobsen’s research at Gaustad Hospital. Journalists Gerhard Helskog and Kjell Persen, who were responsible for the program, developed a methodology report for this program. This report summarizes the program’s conclusions as follows:

“Defenseless people had opened their heads. Not because they would get treatment, but because they were involuntarily or unknowingly drawn into an experiment on behavior control. These types of experiments are probably unprecedented in a scientific historical context. ”

“The reason Norwegians where used was no less surprising: In Norway, the patients’ rights where so weak that U.S. authorities risked less legal trouble if they used the Norwegians in their experiments, than if they used American citizens.”

“It went so far that Norway conducted experiments on human beings that elsewhere in the Western world only had been done on animals.”

“The money transferred from the United States was placed on foreign accounts in violation of foreign exchange regulations. Gerhardsen government had an active role in paving the way for this research.”

“The link to the Norwegian military was striking.”

“And again, it looked as if it was CIA who benefited from the experiments.”

The Commission would point out that the allegations made in the television program are not formulated in quite the same way as in the method report. The allegations in the TV program appear as milder in form.

After the revelations made in this documentary, the Norwegian government created a special Commission to investigate the claim made.

Investigation of allegations of unethical medical research on humans

Link to The Norwegian Government’s official website with the commission’s findings:


The report is in Norwegian. It is advised that you use a translation website rather than learn the language, haa!


To be continued at a future date.

Sweden’s Decent Into Tyranny

I have relatives in Sweden and they do not talk about this. They do not comment on my posts of Sweden’s bombings and such.

I can tell you how important it is for you to understand Sweden is being taken over the the same cult that took over Germany using Hitler
Sweden is about to flip over to Fascism directed by their cult-infiltrated politics and police forces.


Swedes migrate from Sweden, Why?
You can’t ride on the metro in Stockholm during the day for fear of molestation by immigrants. Nobody will help you, the police are told to stand down by the local cult.
You might sit at a coffee houses during the daytime , suddenly five or six migrants run in, about 15 or 16 years old, young boys, and threaten you with a knife. They take your mobile phone and your bag.
It is hard finding a job now, the jobs are given to the migrants (cult policies being enforced.) Now, about 8/10 workers are immigrants running the stockholm hospital. Swedish Doctors must go to Norway for work. Swedish nurses quit their jobs at the hospital after getting molested while in the workplace. These are documented cases refered to.

But these FACTS are not allowed to come out, they are kept quiet.

(from another interview with Dr….)
These are “local” facts. The cult thought polices the whole country for talkers and they are removed from society one way or another. This is much the same way the Thule secret society conquered Germany with the Socialist Workers Party. If you talk aloud about these facts, you will be called a Hitler and fascist thugs will banish you somehow.

This is the fascist takeover of Sweden using immigrant pawns to disrupt the status quo. Once the controls are established with a world tyranny dictating… then the immigrants will have to die off (quickly).
The countries like Poland will fight back the immigrant invasion, but sooner than later the fascist weapons of destruction will destroy all resistant nations.

That is what is so sad and outrageous in Sweden. And that is the reason I am sitting here today. Because these facts are not allowed to come out, but kept quiet. These facts are only known there, locally.
On the television or in the newspapers, but not reaching anyone outside.

“What you mean, kept quiet?”

It’s not coming out, so that other countries like yours, the Hungarians,
would be able to see what is happening daily in Sweden. This information never gets out, and they restrict what can come out and what cannot.
When something happens every day in Stockholm, more than 50% of the cases are not even mentioned in the news, not printed in the newspapers, and this is a fact.

What kind of negative experiences did you have there?
Would you be able to share a couple with us?

Well, I am very sad, because I grew up there, I am half Hungarian on my mother’s side. I visited Hungary often, because I look at this country as my homeland, too; I always loved to come here. I was planning to come here to live next year, but my plans were accelerated. And that is why I am here now, and why I moved home permanently. The main reason is safety; that is why I am here. It is sad when someone must leave a country because they are not protected. That is very sad, and I am not the only one who had to leave Sweden. Many of my friends and acquaintances who left Sweden – at the moment, there are some [friends] who are planning to leave: families with children, because in the schools the teachers are threatened with knives.
This is a daily thing, what is happening. It is not safe for kids to enter the schools; they are not safe on the streets; they are being robbed in broad daylight. They [migrants] threw [Molotov] cocktails into houses and burned them down. There were some families who died in circumstances like that; that is a daily occurrence.

In Europe, and in Hungary, we only heard about one actual case, and that is the Stockholm terror attack.
That was only a single attack, but there are more happening in the whole country. There is Gothenburg: yesterday they shot two men in broad daylight on the street. You know nothing about that.

Malmo: shootings happen there every day.
You do not hear about that, either.
Yes, the only one you officially know about is what happened in Stockholm, but you do not know what the people who live there go through every day, in the workplace, in school, on the street. If you go into a mall, they come in and they [migrants]shoot… they hit you, they threaten you.

—For how long have you experienced such things?

Well, in the last two to three years, drastically more and more. Things like this started happening. Before that, I did not see or experience them. Yes, over the last two to three years.

—Is this a topic of conversations among the locals, between Swedes? What they say to one another?

The problem is, nobody says anything, because they are afraid; the people are afraid of them. Because if I say something to a man who tries to sexually molest me… On one morning it happened, when I was going… I wanted to take the metro [subway] to the hospital, and a man attacked me — that was an immigrant man — and I called out for help and nobody came, everybody was afraid. That’s the problem.

—But obviously there were some other men around you?
—Yes, there were, but they were just standing there looking, because there was a case where they tried to intervene, and got stabbed for it.
They are afraid for their own lives. If someone calls the police, the police say they will not come out, because they do not have the time for this.
I was able to run away from the place; the problem was “solved”, but… I got lucky, but there were girls, who were attacked and raped. I got lucky, but the situation is that the police are NOT COMING OUT!

Not too long ago, when a couple of [migrant] youngsters were riding around on their motorbikes in a city and started throwing explosives in the streets, people got scared, and it also could have caused injury, if one of them hits you. People called the police to come and they said: We must understand them, because they come from a war-torn country,
(the poice are in the cult and have proclaimed the herd their enemy, the immigrants are granted immunity for fighting a common enemy, it all makes sense that its a quiet war)
and they are not mentally healthy, so just leave them be,
(Definitely a Marxist, takeover cult has the poice force controlled/infiltrated… the cult knows the profane herd will not fight and are thus deemed as mentally ill, a form of cult mockery of the profane/Christians.)
While the people should just go into a store or coffeehouse and ask for protection. (Haa, you cannot protect yourself and we are not gonna help either.)
They do not come out.

—Who said that to you?
—The police.
The police are not coming out. And (out of frustration against the cult, the good) police officers are leaving their jobs; this is a huge problem in Sweden now.
But in the media, in the newspapers in Sweden, in the local news they say that they are leaving their jobs because they are not protected, either.
Now they are building mosques in every city.
(You want to know why… the cult running the country from the shadows joined up with the islamic Assassins secret sect back in the Knights Templar days listen to Cooper: http://hourofthetime.com/bcmp3/41.mp3 The cults joined together back then and now they are reconnecting, maybe they will not be slaughtered by future robots, haaa)
That is one thing, but next they want to broadcast the imam’s call on huge loudspeakers in their… how you say it… the calls of their Islamic faith. And they want everybody to listen to that every single morning.

You’re talking about the mosques, right? The mosques?

I do not know. I have never been a racist, and I am still not a racist, but this is about forcing on us people whose behavior is not acceptable. Because they [migrants] terrorize and threaten us; they take away our jobs. There is no public safety. We live in fear. This is not normal behavior; this is what it is all about. This does not match with our life [meaning culture], into our life. They get everything from apartments to money, and they have no honor; moreover they turn against those who helped them.

—Does Sweden help the refugees? For example, with social accommodations?
Yes, of course. Sweden is still a rich country, and they have the potential to help and in the past they had to accept them, because they could place them. They were given apartments; they were given money to live on, until they could be placed in jobs. The children were able to go to schools, but even then they did not appreciate all that, and turned against us.

You suddenly decided to come home, but did you leave everybody else in your family there, and why? And what is their opinion?

Some of my family are still in Sweden; others have already left the country, so I am not the only one.
I have two family members who moved to Australia; there is one who moved to the USA. Among my friends, most of them are moving abroad, too. Not many of my family and friends who will be staying in Sweden.

Why did you decide on Hungary?
—Hungary today is the safest.

Still… still… What is your basis for that?
Because the laws are different. (The cult has not invaded the politics and changed the laws to assist the migrant pawns to invade, unhindered)
You did not let them in, into the country, not like other countries. They are not here, like in Sweden or Germany, or like we could see Vienna, in Austria, what kind of things are happening. That is why Hungary is safe, because they[migrants] are not here.
And as long as I am alive, I would like to live in peace.
I do not have to be afraid and look left, right and behind me in my workplace, and can travel on the metro without fear. I could go into my workplace and feel safe, … how to say it…

The situation has changed so much, because a lot of people are thinking: we will go there, where the country is rich, where there are job opportunities, where there is a lot of money, I can get a better income, my life will be better, but when you have no protection… no protection — there is no safety, how much is that worth?

— Thank you very much.
— Thanks.